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Patent Complete specializes in high-tech patent searching

Have you been disappointed in the past by inaccurate or incomplete patent searches? Or by patent searchers misunderstanding the disclosure? Performing high-tech patent searches efficiently and reliably requires an expert-level understanding of the subject matter, both to interpret disclosures, and to analyze the prior art.

Patent Complete patent searchers have advanced degrees in fields such as biology and biotechnology, chemistry and chemical engineering, computer hardware and software, electronics, microfabrication, optics, physics, and others. Your patent searches will be performed by a searcher that intimately understands the subject matter of your search — not a layperson.

Our patent search reports are competitively priced, and come with expert commentary on each cited patent — not just a list of patent numbers. The result? Outstanding patent searches that save you time by summarizing relevant portions of prior art, while providing the highest possible degree of accuracy.

Contact Patent Complete today and get the patent searching expertise you deserve.

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